Corporate Plan 2015-2019

Our Capability

Capability is the ability to achieve a desired outcome through effective use of resources. An effective policing capability covers the knowledge, skills and diversity of our people and effective systems, technology, equipment and facilities that support AFP objectives. We have articulated six preliminary capability areas relevant to the effective delivery of AFP operations:

  • Investigations – ability to investigate and prosecute crime locally, nationally and internationally, and also to detect, disrupt and prevent crime.
  • Operational technology – ability to use specialised equipment, technical skills and resources, including surveillance and covert services.
  • Intelligence – ability to direct, collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information to create and disseminate intelligence at strategic, operational and tactical levels.
  • Prevention – ability to prevent crime including preventing instability in developing and fragile foreign states to reduce, deter and disrupt crime.
  • International – ability to combat transnational crime, contributing to police development and enhancing rule of law internationally.
  • Protective security – ability to prevent, deter, respond and protect the public and Commonwealth interests in Australia and overseas from identified threats and risks.

Developing our capabilities

The AFP will continue to develop its capabilities through three main areas: planning for and delivering the future workforce; developing and adopting innovative technologies; and targeted capital investment.

The future workforce

A comprehensive plan for our future workforce is needed to meet the AFP’s strategic priorities and ensure the organisation has the right people (those with the range of skills and capabilities necessary for the required work) in the right numbers, in the right location and at the right time. We will deliver a workforce that meets current and future priorities through a reform programme comprising:

  • an integrated Human Resource (HR) management system to support the AFP to manage our people
  • frameworks that will holistically support the organisational health and safety needs of the workforce
  • continued operation of an effective integrity framework, to ensure members - with the right behaviours, adhering to all AFP values - are employed with the AFP.
  • a strategic workforce plan (WFP) for 2015-20. The WFP helps the AFP maintain workforce capacity and capability. This planning process aligns the make-up of the workforce with the organisation’s strategic direction and priorities. The 2015-20 WFP will:
    • provide clarity around critical future skills and knowledge areas and existing gaps within the workforce.
    • identify the main challenges for developing AFP workforce capability and capacity.
    • identify strategies and initiatives to continually improve the effectiveness of the workforce.

Information and Communications Technology

Information - its access, management, and communication – remains critical to all aspects of the AFP. Information is a valuable asset and enhancements will be made to systems, access and sharing capabilities. This work will continue to be informed by operational and corporate business priorities, external frameworks and prevailing Government policies and directions.

The five priorities for the AFP information and communications technology capability in this context are:

  1. engage and respond to ICT stakeholders
  2. deliver a sustainable ICT capability for the AFP
  3. evolve the AFP ICT capabilities
  4. deliver innovative ICT solutions to facilitate positive change
  5. strengthen the AFP’s ICT governance.

A programme of work will continue to drive consolidation and stabilisation of the AFP’s ICT environment, providing a platform for strengthening the AFP’s ICT capabilities through enhancement and innovation. In the next four years we will focus on innovation, enterprise mobility, information management, data analytics and business intelligence, unified communications and data centre transformation.

Capital Investment

Capability requires investment in our people, systems, facilities and equipment. The AFP capital management plan aims to provide assets for future capability including a focus on addressing key organisational risks and responding to opportunities. Key investments during the reporting period include the following:

  • A new forensics facility: The purpose-built forensics facility will be completed in 2015-16. The new facility will allow the AFP to contribute rapid intelligence to investigations as well as more considered opinions for judicial proceedings.
  • A new integrated HR management system: The new system will ensure quality HR information is available to inform strategic and local decision making, provide improvements to business practices and information management.
  • Maintaining our capability through a strategic asset maintenance and enhancement process which includes technology, communication and infrastructure.
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