Corporate Plan 2015-2019

Our Mission

To provide dynamic and effective law enforcement to the people of Australia.

This will be achieved through working towards two broad outcomes and delivery against three programmes as specified in the AFP Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS):

  • Outcome 1 - Reduced criminal and security threats to Australia‚Äôs collective economic and societal interests through co-operative policing services
    • Programme 1.1 Federal Policing and National Security
    • Programme 1.2 International Police Assistance
  • Outcome 2 - A safe and secure environment through policing activities on behalf of the Australian Capital Territory Government
    • Programme 2.1 ACT Community Policing

This plan covers the detailed activities of Outcome 1 only. Outcome 2 is subject to a purchasing agreement with the ACT Government, which sets out its obligations. This is detailed at

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