Corporate Plan 2015-2019

Our History

The AFP undertakes a diverse range of activities within a complex, fast-changing environment and strives to be responsive to the needs and expectations of the Commonwealth Government, Australian law enforcement partners, the Australian community and international partners.

Since the AFP’s establishment in 1979 demand for our services has grown. This has been both in terms of an increase in traditional services such as investigating drug crime and fraud cases, as well as expansion in activities associated with national security and international peacekeeping. In the past 15 years the scope of the AFP’s remit has increased rapidly to include increased efforts in national security and international deployment.

Figure 1 highlights the rapid structural changes to the AFP in the past 15 years. The way the AFP works has evolved to meet the challenges and opportunities imposed by our often-unpredictable operating environment

Figure 1. AFP history3

Figure 1 – Time line and graph showing the expansion of AFP staff numbers and AFP costs from 1979 when the AFP was created to the present (2014).
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