INTERPOL is the world's largest international police organisation, with 195 member countries, including Australia.

It supports police across the globe, enabling member countries to share and access data on crimes and criminals. It also offers a range of technical and operational support, including training and capacity-building functionality. Operational training courses cover crime areas such as terrorism, drugs and human trafficking.

In each country, a National Central Bureau (NCB) is the key point of contact for INTERPOL, other NCBs and law enforcement agencies.

We host INTERPOL's NCB for Australia in our Canberra headquarters, and it operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

We facilitate hundreds of investigative requests on a weekly basis. These may relate to:

  • urgent welfare and threat to life enquiries
  • enquiries on suspect individuals, groups and organisations from foreign countries
  • tracking movements of fugitives internationally
  • circulation of INTERPOL Notices globally - including Alerts for Wanted or criminally active offenders, missing persons and unidentified bodies
  • lost or stolen artwork.

We also work with INTERPOL on major international disasters and serious crime issues affecting Australia, including:

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AFP member at a computer next to an Interpol sign