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This section details the nature and organisational structure of the AFP. It includes the AFP's history, relevant legislationrecognitionceremonial initiatives and more.

Responding to change

The nature of the AFP and what is required of it, has changed significantly in recent years. The AFP has responded to a rapidly changing environment and this has required a greater focus on national and international operations.

The new challenges the AFP faces include counter terrorismhuman trafficking and sexual servitude, cybercrime, peace operationsprotection and other transnational crimes.

To help meet these challenges, the AFP has implemented a new organisational structure. The structure focuses on AFP's main operational areas and provides a higher level of national coordination and support to these areas.

The objectives of the new structure are to achieve better results by:

  • improving the management structure and methodologies to better reflect the AFP's national and international focus
  • providing an improved management framework which is better able to meet the national expectations of government, client and partner agencies
  • providing a stronger accountability framework to the government
  • ensuring the organisation is acting in a corporately consistent manner and that resources are being aligned to meet corporate priorities
  • providing a stronger management framework to develop and implement corporate strategy and policy
  • improving our strategic position and management capabilities to proactively identify and manage new demands and emerging crime and security threats
  • providing opportunities for staff development in managerial roles

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