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Policing for a safer Australia

This section details the nature and organisational structure of the AFP. It includes the AFP's history, relevant legislation, recognition & ceremonial initiatives and more.

Policing for a safer Australia

The nature of the AFP and what is required of it has changed significantly in recent years. Once a small agency with a defined remit, the organisation now has a broad range of national and international responsibilities.

The AFP has established itself as a key player in the Australian security landscape, rising to complex challenges and responding swiftly to protect Australians as new threats emerge. The AFP prides itself on demonstrating leadership and agility in a dynamic operating environment.


While the AFP continues to evolve to meet the growing challenges it faces, policing and protecting life and property will always be at the core of its business.

It will continue to pursue strategies to prevent and disrupt crime; with a focus on transnational, serious, complex and organised crime, cybercrime and cyber safety, child protection, the recovery of the proceeds of crime, and countering terrorism and violent extremism.

The protection of Australia and Australia's interests, including protecting people, assets and critical infrastructure remains a key focus for the AFP.

The AFP is committed to international engagement and building its local and global policing partnerships.  It supports Australia's national interests through demonstrated leadership in international cooperation, liaison, capacity building and stabilisation.

The AFP of the future will deliver inclusive, constructive and strategic leadership, and continue to proudly serve the community: policing for a safer Australia.

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