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Procurement-related complaints

Complaints in relation to procurement activities

How to make a procurement-related complaint

We manage procurement-related complaints in line with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs). This means our complaint management procedures must be:

  • timely
  • equitable
  • non-discriminatory.

We aim to resolve all matters internally where possible by working directly with the complainant. We are committed to communication and conciliation.

How you complain will depend on the type of complaint:

  • Complaints in relation to procurement activities – fill out our Procurement-related complaint below.
  • Contractual disputes – direct complaints to the AFP Contract Manager as per the terms of the executed contract with you or your organisation.

Visit the Department of Finance website for information on procurement-related complaints.

Public Interest Certificates

Under the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act 2018 (Cth), we must publish all Public Interest Certificates (PICs) issued against relevant covered procurement activities. View the PIC schedule.