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Making our website accessible & easy to use on a wide range of devices & browsers


Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Government agencies are required to ensure information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory accessible manner.

Providing accessible content is important to us. It enhances the ability for users to access and engage with our content.

Compliance status

We aim to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 standard at level AA. This is the web standard recommended by the Australian Government.

Our regular accessibility audits ensure we keep our websites accessible into the future.

Assistive technologies

Our website is optimised to use assistive technologies like screen readers, magnifiers, navigation switches and speech recognition software.

Browsers and devices

Our website works best with the latest internet browser technology. For the most reliable and secure experience on our website, make sure you update to the latest web browsers available for your operating system.

This website uses responsive layout and design techniques to present the content on your device in the best way possible. For example, smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Technical specifications

Our website uses these technologies that work with your web browser and assistive technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Translating and interpreting support

Automatic language translation

Our website uses a free online language translation service to automatically translate our content into a variety of community languages.

Automatic translations are provided as a guide only. Automatic translations are quick and convenient but may not be accurate.

To use the automatic translator, select your preferred language from the translation tool at the top left-hand corner of any page on this website.

Note: Automatic language translation is not available for Internet Explorer browsers.

Translating and interpreting service

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) is an interpreting service to help people who do not speak English in their daily lives. It also helps agencies and businesses to communicate with their non-English speaking clients.

Contact TIS National on131 450 (within Australia) or visit the Translating and Interpreting Service website.

Help making a telephone call

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a speech disability, you can contact us through the National Relay Service.

Text telephone (TTY) or modem callers can contact the National Relay Service (NRS) on133 677 (within Australia).

If it is hard for you to understand on the telephone you can use the Speech to Speech Relay (SSR) via the NRS on1300 555 727 (within Australia).

NRS Chat (Internet Relay) users connect to the National Relay Service and ask for+61 2 5126 8323.

Request accessibility assistance

If you're experiencing any accessibility or usability issues with our website, please contact us by completing our enquiry form.

We aim to respond to your feedback within 3 business days.

NOTE: This form is for general website enquiries only. Do not use it to check the status of a police check or report a crime. 

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