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Collection of the AFP Museum

Our collection

The AFP Museum houses an extensive collection of more than 20,000 items from the earliest days of the Commonwealth Police Force to present day. The collection reflects the history of the AFP as it has evolved, including as the Peace Officer Guard, ACT Police, Commonwealth Police (COMPOL) and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

Our collection includes:

  • Objects, including evidence and items, from national and international operations, local policing equipment, Disaster Victim Identification and forensic material, seized objects, profiling and criminal processing equipment and investigative technology.
  • Vehicles and technology relating to the service of the AFP and its predecessors in community policing, peacekeeping, rescue, recovery, and investigations.
  • Records and documents relating to federal policing from 1917 to present day.
  • Photography, film, and audio recordings of federal policing operations, training, investigations and documentation from 1917 to present day.

The collection here on our website showcases a variety of items that relate to some of our unique stories. We will continue to add to the collection over time.

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