Annual Reports

The AFP annual report provides an important summary of the organisation and its achievements in the past financial year. It is a key accountability document and is tabled in parliament each year. It contains information on the AFP's corporate structure and finances, as well as operational performance. From 2015–16 it reports against the annual update of the agency's Corporate Plan.

On 29 April 2020, the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Police Powers at Airports) Act 2019 came into effect, making changes to the Crimes Act 1914 to ensure police have consistent move on and identity checking powers at all major airports across Australia. The Amendments update and replace previous provisions of the Crimes Act, which required suspicion that an offence is likely to occur or has occurred before an identity check request could be made. Police (including state and territory police) and Protective Service Officers (PSOs) now have the ability to direct individuals to provide their identity, to move people on from the airport, or direct them not to catch a flight if they are exhibiting suspicious or unusual behaviour. The new thresholds ensure police officers and PSOs can engage with persons at the earliest opportunity to assess any potential threat and/or risk to public safety.

ACT Policing produces a separate annual report.

AFP annual reports










From 2013–14 the AFP annual report includes the annual report about authorities for assumed identities (Annex A) and the annual report on the National Witness Protection Program (Annex B). These reports were previously published separately. From 2015–16 the AFP annual report also contains the annual report on unexplained wealth investigations, a new requirement under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Annex C).




Assumed identities and witness identity protection certificates

From 2021–22 the assumed identities annual report is published at Annex E of the AFP annual report and the witness identity protection certificates annual report is published at Annex F of the AFP annual report.

National Witness Protection Program

From 2021–22 the National Witness Protection Program annual report is published at Annex A of the AFP annual report.

From 2013–14 onwards the National Witness Protection Program annual report has been published at Annex B of the AFP annual report.

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